SIELOX CLASS – Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System, software for crisis management, notification and audit logs for schools, hospitals, campus, and multiple room complexes.

SIELOX AnyWare - is our plug-and-play, browser-based access control solution affordable to small and mid-sized organizations. In today's world, you need to control and manage your security requirements from your desktop, tablet or mobile device.

AnyWare allows you to easily deploy, manage and expand your access control requirements on the fly. Available in an eight-door configuration, AnyWare 8 can manage the majority of access control applications with less than eight doors and will soon be expandable to forty doors at a price point that makes sense. Using an IT-friendly network appliance, AnyWare is ready to configure in a matter of minutes.

Sielox provides integrated and complementary products and services from industry leading and innovative suppliers of cards, readers, cameras, recorders, visitor management and more. The integration of Allegion Schlage wireless locks provides a cost-effective solution to control and lockdown all doors within a facility. These are all part of the Sielox Security Layers complete solutions for a variety of applications.